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Kanye Talks Design in the Forthcoming Rem Koolhaas Film

The latest installment in Yeezy on design comes courtesy of L.A.-based cinematographer Tomas Koolhaas, who's putting together a documentary on his father, architect Rem, that includes a sit-down with Kanye West. As anyone familiar with the phenomenon that is the Kanye interview could probably anticipate, West is (again) all over the place in this excerpted clip (below), spending more breath on his own status as an inspirational figure than anything he learned from working with OMA, Koolhaas' Rotterdam-based firm, on a pavilion for the 2012 Cannes film festival. Still, he's got a pretty wise take on the Twittersphere's reaction to any clip of him talking about design, even as he works in a bit of humble-bragging: "I probably sound ignorant when I talk about [architecture]… I'm fine with sounding ignorant… I'm not talking about something like music that I'm a complete expert at. I'm talking about something I want to learn about and I'm not afraid to talk in public about my desire to learn more."

Released alongside an official trailer for REM, the interview comes in support of a Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise funds for the film, which looks to forego heady critical discourse in favor of showcasing how people actually use Koolhaas' buildings. Commenting on the interview to ArchDaily—one of the only outlets to get Kanye's stop at Harvard right—the junior Koolhaas echoed that sentiment: "Since most people that actually use architecture are non-experts in the field, it seems strange that anyone should be ridiculed when they have opinions on the subject or want to be involved in collaborations with architects. Especially when they seem to be fully aware of their limitations regarding their own architectural expertise." Great points all around. Watch the excerpt below:

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