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Pluck Flowers From the Roof of This Modern Hobbit Hut

Created by Parisian architect Patrick Nadeau and landscape designer Pierre Georgel, this so-called La Maison-vague, or Wave House, does an impressive job of straddling the line between adorable hobbit house and verdant, grassy-roofed getaway. Indeed, the two-story timber abode—one of 63 experimental houses built "with heavy economic constraints"—uses its grass roof, planted with perennials, as a layer of thermal insulation, and was built atop a raised deck with a built-in watering system to be used in case of droughts. So, extreme cuteness—it seems—is just a bi-product here.

Inside, a combination kitchen-dining space make up the main floor of the deceptively roomy 1,184-square-foot house—while a spiral staircase leads to a pair of lofted bedrooms, both with large windows. "The traditional relationship between house and garden is changed, disturbed even," says Nadeau. "The project encompasses both in the same construction." Dezeen has the full story, right this way.

· Hump-shaped house covered in plants by Patrick Nadeau [Dezeen]