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Find the War Room From Dr. Strangelove in Airbnb's New HQ

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The inspiration for Airbnb's new San Francisco headquarters, like that of the company's Eames-filled first office, is drawn from some of the vacation rental site's most memorable listings: there's the Milan Room based on a flat still regularly listed, and a skee-ball machine that's a nod to an early offering—possibly this one—that suggested one as a potential bed. As one employee told Metropolis Magazine, which took a peek inside the office in this month's issue, "We view this as our listing, as if this was our Airbnb." If the converted warehouse actually did have its own listing, the most insane feature would undoubtedly be this: an aspirationally democratic, down-to-brass-tacks conference room (above) modeled after the iconic war room from Dr. Strangelove. Ironically enough, this reference to Kubrick's take on the Cold War is a clear sign of the ever-escalating arms race for the most fun-looking office in tech.

Global design firm Gensler came up with the basic structure of Airbnb's new office, including the central atrium that looks dollhouse-style into the windowed conference rooms, and shepherded Airbnb through the implementation of their ideas for individuals spaces. The so-called President's Room—which any employees can use, of course, as they have the freedom to work wherever they wish—is based on the building's original president's office from 1917, and would be the only room that could be called traditional if it weren't such a self-conscious anachronism. To Airbnb's credit, Metropolis says the place avoids the "Ikea Effect" in that it looks more like a collection of lived-in living spaces than painstakingly curated showrooms. Judge for yourself:

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