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Bask in the Immaculate Spareness of Lisa Perry's Florida Pad

The latest fashion chief to capture the hearts and camera lenses of shelter magazines is the stark Palm Beach pad of designer Lisa Perry, spotlighted recently by Elle Decor. Perry, a long-time lover of white space and a deliberate, color-within-the-lines approach to palettes—indeed she admits the obsession began with Wonder Bread packaging—first needed to give her house, a 6,000-square-foot beachfront abode by Florida architecture poohbah Robert Gottfried, an architectural overhaul. "The inside was so fancy. The walls were silk brocade," Perry told ED. "I told our architect, Christine Harper, to take everything down and make it into a white box. When I saw the house all white, I was finally able to breathe."

She then began filling the place with low-profile furnishings in whites and light grays, including daybeds she designed herself and a white leather crescent sofa by de Sede that served as the springboard for the rest of the house. She then brought in saturated dining chairs and modern art with contained blocks of color. She knew she wanted "white with splashes of yellow, a little bit of turquoise," Perry, who also shared some secrets to creating a chic closet (again, white's the "one color that will never compete with your taste"), told ED.

"I wanted it to be easy here, not precious—Pandora music playing all the time, bike rides to the farmers' market, barefoot, paddleboarding, swimming, walking on the beach. I wanted to work with the water, the sun, and the sky—for nature, not against it." Indeed it may be enough to purge Palm Beach of its reputation as an exclusive purveyor of "restricted clubs, gin-soaked heirs, diamonds on sunburns, and zillionaire conservatives," per Elle Decor.

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