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The FITS Pro Ski Sock Just Might Make You a Better Skier

'Tis the season, folks, for the age-old tradition of shopping. Welcome to Curbed Ski's 2013 Advent Calendar Gift Guide, where every day from now until Christmas one gift shall reveal itself. Click below to unveil today's pick, and as the holidays draw nearer check out the whole lineup. Here's to all things merry and bright.

Curbed Ski has the opportunity to review lots of ski clothing and frankly, many of them aren't worth the hype. But we're now devoted followers of the FITS sock collection. Made in America (and how cool is that?!), the FITS snowsports collection uses a high quality merino wool, nylon, polyster, and lycra spandex blend to create some socks that can stand up to a serious ski day. As corny as it sounds, these socks fit really well. Comfortable and warm, they wash well too. The best endorsement for a ski clothing product? We find ourselves wearing these again and again. Try the PRO Ski style, which sells for $22.95 at Backcountry.

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