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Westchester County's First-Ever Passive House Asks $3.6M

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Location: Mamaroneck, N.Y.
Price: $3,649,000
The Skinny: This ultra energy-efficient house in Mamaroneck, N.Y., has decidedly low-tech origins, having been built out from the gutted husk of a midcentury split-level constructed in an era when a gallon of gas cost 31 cents and global warming was 30 years from being a known thing. Even today, certified Passive Houses are rare, with less than 100 listed in the U.S., the majority of which are new constructions. The owners of this house (who, it turns out, will never live in it) decided against a teardown and hired architect Andreas Benzing to oversee a complete redo, which included adding solar panels, triple pane windows, and a recirculation system which basically allows the home to become its own hermetically sealed environment. All of this green tech doesn't get in the way of the livability of the place—this is a Westchester County waterfront home, which is going for $3.649M, not your crunchy great-uncle's damp, dark Marin County earthship. There are six bedrooms and five bathrooms over 5,000 square feet of living space, and plenty of windows and decks from which to take in the views of Marmaroneck Harbor, plus a two-car garage complete with an electric auto charger. But of course!

· 505 Alda Road [Houlihan Lawrence]