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Grab a Bite in Poland's Cheeriest, Color-Drenched Cafe

While highly stylized, brightly painted restaurants often come out looking either alien-esque and daunting or way too literal, this candy-colored cafe in Szczecin, Poland manages to maintain its approachability, without holding back one bit on the paint job. The folks behind this Cafein Bistro requested that Polish designers Anna Kobylka of the firm Kolorama and Olga Sietnicka of the firm Bloogarden create a space both instantly recognizable and easy-to-spot by customers. Obviously, that wish was granted (and then some) because besides the Starburst-colored walls and color-blocked carpeting, the cafe is also furnished with retro armchairs and stools in mismatched pastels. The upstairs level turns up the craziness a notch further—going for tropical sunset hues that look more club than coffee shop, should the place decide to stay open just a bit later at night. Design Boom has a few more eye-popping shots, right this way.

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