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The Vail Epic Race Heads to Europe

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It's only been 2 weeks since the Epic Race began, but 44 racers have already skied all 12 U.S. Vail Resorts on the Epic Pass and are on their way to Europe. Officials from Vail say that another 50 racers are poised to start skiing across the pond this weekend. No word on if anyone is staying at this amazing French hotel, but all the racers will be hitting slopes in France, Austria, and Switzerland. There's a lot on the line, as the first 10 racers to ski all 26 of the areas on the Vail Epic Race will ski free for life. In one of the coolest and most successful ski resort PR campaigns Curbed Ski has seen in a while, Vail has epic racers promoting the Epic Pass as they race. Almost 5,000 photos and videos have been uploaded to the official race site and 206 racers have logged 1,641 visits to the Vail resorts. Racers hail from 23 states and 8 countries.

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