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Own This Hand-Sculpted 'Meditation Cavern' For $550K

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Now here's a kind of real estate opportunity you don't see everyday: a 208-acre parcel between Santa Fe and Taos with not one, but two "beautifully sculpted meditation caverns" is on the market for $995K, or $550K for half the plot, gauged toward the rare breed of flower child with access to oodles of cash. The listing is unfortunately mum concerning the history of these hand-sculpted grottos, the larger of which features an "intricately carved 'Tree of Human Kindness,' candlelit nichos, recessed seating and various breathtaking side rooms," all wrought in sandstone. Your spirit may be telling you to move beyond the things of this world, but just think of the positive outcomes you could manifest into being in that kind of environment; the spirit animals you might encounter; the prices you could charge for hot yoga retreats.

Still skeptical? Santa Fe Properties assures that upon entering the chambers, "you will be awe-struck at the stunning level of detail that is hand-sculpted out of solid stone and the art form will take your breath away." For the development-minded, the place is already subdivided into 14 lots, with interior roads, several pre-dug building pads, and underground telephone and electric lines available at the edge of the property. So what are you waiting for? The Next Great Age won't manifest itself.

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