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For $699K, This Wright-ish Gem 'Could Be Your Shangri-La'

Here's something unusual: a house built in the 1980s—'84 to be exact—and described by brokers as an abode that "could be your Shangri-La" is (pearls are clutched) actually beautiful? Sure the interiors are pretty much boring '80s time capsule, but the architectural bones here are surprisingly spectacular. The brokerbabble says architect Gary Tucker was a mentee of Frank Lloyd Wright, and while brokers are known for making Frank Lloyd Wright-built mountains out of no-name molehills, this two-bedroom's huge windows, swathes of brick, and split structure makes it seem like the factoid might just be believed. The ask? $699K.

· 1472 Cougar Ln, Santa Rosa, Calif. [Estately]
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