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Your Morning 'Gilt-y Pleasure': Toronto's $2M 14-Bedroom

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Curbed Toronto calls this mansion on the market for $2M "a strange hybrid of Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, and Barbie's Dream House," and indeed the "gilt-y pleasure" is so loaded with tasseled curtains, unusual chandeliers, demilune tables, fake cherry blossoms, and, um, claw-footed velvet armchairs on the porch that it may beat out Vancouver's most over-decorated listing for the national title. Included in the ask, which was recently chopped from $2.58M: a chapel, tons of religious iconography, and a suite of extra rooms—master office, master living room, regular living room—named after Mother Mary. The wine and beer room? Our Lady of Zion. The library? Our Lady of Light. The dining room? Our Lady of All Nations. The new roof? Our Lady of Snow.

More photos, right this way. >>