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Wacky, Chappy & Treehouse-Inspired PriceChops

The ever busy PriceChopper recently swung by a few of our favorite Cape and Islands' listings. Here's a round-up of some chops of note:
↑ We wrote about this Scargo Lake Shangri-La, a treehouse-inspired '70s time capsule, back in October when the Dennis pad was asking $600,000. The swingin' spread originally hit the market in May 2012 looking for $995,000, but now a fourth chop has brought the ask down to $499,000.

We wrote about this Provincetown property in September when the one-time sea merchant's home turned B&B hit the market asking $899,000 and again in October after a slice down to $849,000. Alas, the chopper has since checked into The Clarendon House two more times, bringing the ask down to $799,000, thereby becoming the worst guest ever.