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$3.5M Ariz. Manse With Rideable Train is Every Kid's Dream

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This rigorously renovated Phoenix, Ariz. home just might be the most decked-out party pad to crop up on the market in quite some time (so much so that it landed on the Journal's House of the Day: Amenities Edition list). Currently on the market for $3.5M, the 6,421-square-foot, Pueblo-style home features well-preserved adobe walls, wood-beamed ceilings, and five spacious bedrooms, all highly committed to Southwestern decor. The true (man)child delights lie outside the house, though, where the grounds boast koi ponds, a rockslide and waterfall, a pool, tennis courts, and a three-story treehouse. Best of all? Yep, that would be the life-size replica of a frontier-inspired train set—complete with a working bar car, duh—that shuttles 15 tipsy guests at a time around the property. The current owners, who bought the place in 1991 for $1.25M, astutely told the WSJ, "It's the kind of home you want to have parties in." Do have a look:

· East Lafayette Boulevard, Phoenix, Arizona [Walt Danley Realty]
· All Aboard in Arizona [WSJ]