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Translucent Walls Turn This Abode Into a House of Fog

When it rains it pours—at least when it comes to living spaces that leave a little less to the imagination. This one comes by way of Hiroshima-based Suppose Design Office, which used translucent polycarbonate walls to flood this three-story home with natural light during the day, and give it a warm, somewhat revealing glow at night. Along with the open-plan interior, this frisson-inducing feature might give House of Tousuienn little in the way of insulation; however, the bedrooms are tucked away in a concrete volume running through the middle of the home, which looks mighty fine alongside the pale wood and white-painted steel that make up the rest of the interior surfaces. The overall effect, which leaves residents with a blurred impression of the outside world without sacrificing any privacy? Way cool.

· Suppose Design Office's House of Tousuienn has translucent plastic walls [Dezeen]