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SANAA Wants to Turn Nobel HQ Into a Soap-Bubble Sextet

Perhaps taking a page from the much-discussed Amazon campus design, Tokyo-based design firm SANAA created quite a bubbly design proposal for the Nobel Center headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Their sci-fi-esque proposed center is made up of six transparent, intersecting globes, each encased by a "transparent skin" that provides unobstructed views of the surrounding park and city. Though it may look like an eco-nut's next thing to protest, apparently the zero-energy structure is outfitted with natural ventilation systems meant to keep the building cool in the summer and heated during the winter. And if it can be pulled off the place does indeed look like the "inviting glowing beacon, offering respite from the external climate" it's meant to be. Design Boom has a few more renderings of the futuristic center, right this way.

· SANAA proposes transparent spheres for nobel headquarters [Design Boom]