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Here's What Architects See When They Watch a Movie

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Interiors, the journal dedicated to diagramming films "in terms of architectural space," have just set up shop selling $17 prints of its signature brand of ultra-minimalist spacial storytelling. The journal, which has rendered everything from the interiors of the Up house (above left) to the mirrored room of Justin Timberlake's Mirrors music video in its signature brand of strangely satisfying graphic oversimplifications, is the brood of architect Mehruss Jon Ahi and film critic Armen Karaoglanian, who began the creative tryst with renderings for 2002's Panic Room in 2012. Each "issue" focuses on a singular film or television show, the collection as a whole, a suite recently mined by The Verge, includes a spectrum of cult favorites like 2001: A Space Odyssey (above right) and Psycho. Oh, and of course there's a breakdown of the Breaking Bad labs and RVs. The full set is over here, but do have a look at a few more shots, below.

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↑ The super lab from Breaking Bad (left) and the Bates Motel room from Psycho.

· Prints of Diagrammed Movie Interiors by INT [official site]
· Silver Screen Blueprints: See Classic Movie Scenes From an Architect's Eyes [The Verge]