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Resist the Urge to Eat This 23-Foot-Wide Gingerbread House

While the wild world of gingerbread architecture has delivered such delights as robotic confections, an edible White House, and even a new Guinness World Record holder, this ornate, life-size house (and dog house!) just might be the most appetizing creation yet. Built by the culinary and engineering teams at The Fairmont hotel in San Francisco, the 22-foot-tall, 23-foot-wide treat required 1,406 pounds of gingerbread—that's 7,500 bricks—1,600 pounds of icing, and 724 pounds of decorative candy, all put together over the course of 500 hours. There is a super-secret wooden structure underneath, but the rest of the home is actually held together with nothing but icing, which apparently is all the encouragement some patrons need to sample the goods. "While don't condone people eating the house, it happens," says one staff member. "The funniest part is that much of the missing icing, candies and even bricks are at adult height." While those in the area can snack visit until the end of the year, everyone can take a closer look below, and over at Houzz.

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