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Inside Instagram's Retro, Camera-Filled San Francisco HQ

While perhaps not as out there as the offices of other major tech giants (no blue hair walls, hair salons, or arcades) the main Instagram stomping ground in San Francisco is just as hip and highly branded as any HQ one could hope to snap a selfie in. Developed by the San Francisco-based firm Geremia Design, the office is designed to foster an intimate, relaxed environment—heavy on retro furnishings, reclaimed wooden art-pieces, and "beanbag" chairs that are hopefully more comfortable than they look. In the name of "emphasizing the tech company's ethos and brand language," the small office is also stocked with tons of 'gram-worthy vintage cameras—including what looks like a real-life Instagram camera. And while the conference room looks a bit dull, it's more than made up for by such details as an oversized cocktail trolley, quirky gramophones, and a "bespoke liquor cabinet for the long work nights." Find a couple more shots below, and head to Design Boom for the full story.

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