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Be the King of an 18th-Century Lisbon Palace For $11.5M

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For those with a taste for the past and some spare cash lying around, consider splurging on this ridiculously beautiful 18th-century estate, on the market for $11.5M. According to the listing, the 8,700-square-foot, six-bedroom home has been "fully restored and modernized," with an updated kitchen and bathrooms (no one really misses 18th-century plumbing, anyway.) Where it matters, though—like the elegant oval music room, blue-and-white tiled front entrance, and marble-floored dining room—the place has been very well preserved. Besides the main house, the property also offers a 215-square-foot chapel, two guest apartments, and a large (slightly murky) reflecting pool. By all means, do have a look:

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