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Find 2% of the World's Billionaires in This Miami Building

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Though the car elevator became something of a national punchline when it was revealed that Mitt Romney was planning one for his California home, make no mistake: the unimaginably rich have a fever, and the only solution is more car elevator. After it came to light that twenty two billionaires had bought units in Miami's upcoming Porche Design Tower, which makes a lifestyle out getting to your luxury condo without ever having to step out of your sports car, the fine folks over at Atlantic CIties deduced that upon its 2016 completion date, the place will house just under two percent of the world's billionaires. Who would've guessed that enticing a significant number of the insanely affluent might involve taking commodity fetishism to bold new heights?

Units at the 60-story tower range from $4.2M to $32M, and include up to 17,000 square feet of floor space, balcony pools as large as 1,600 square feet, and two-to-four car "garages"; plus, elevator-accessible glass partitions visible from the comfort of your living room. The high-rise broke ground in 2013, and as of mid-October—when its developers, working alongside Germany's Porsche Design Group secured a $214M construction loan—condo magnate Gil Dezer had sold 100 of the tower's 132 units, doing somewhere around $535M in sales. Reportedly Dezer recently traveled all the way to Dubai to pitch the last handful of open spots to a gathering of Bugatti drivers.

And what illustrious surnames feature among the buyers, this two percent of the one percent of the one percent? Well, seeing as most of them have purchased through LLCs, identifying features have yet to surface. Until they do, tide yourself over with Curbed Miami's look at the floor plan of a deluxe unit.

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