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Tossing Daniel Libeskind's New Berlin Building to the Wolves

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Oh boy, looks like wildly controversial (pseudo?) architect Daniel Libeskind—who recently unveiled plans for his latest apartment building in Berlin—is ready for another tussle with his not-so-adoring public. According to the renderings, his newest work will measure in at 107,000 square feet, and will be comprised of shops on the ground level and 73 residential units above—including one very flashy penthouse at the very pointy top. Because the jagged building, outfitted with angular windows to maximize natural light, has a uniform sheath of super-reflective "specially developed stoneware tile"—apparently both self-cleaning and air-purifying—the design promises to be somewhat hard to miss and potentially blinding under direct sunlight. As of right now, the building is set to by complete in 2015—more than enough time for everyone to air their grievances. Find a couple of additional renderings below, then head to Dezeen for the full set.

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