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Massive New Mexico Hunting Ranch Asks a Lofty $59.5M

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Location: Quemado, N.M.
Price: $59,500,000
The Skinny: For the modern-day land baron looking to add hundreds of square miles of Big Sky country to their property portfolio, the 292,779-acre Great Western Ranch represents an opportunity to own a stake that would cover fully one-third of the great state of Rhode Island. So yeah, this 457-square-mile ranch is huge, and so is the asking price: a whopping $59.5M. To be fair, that money does buy an incredibly scenic chunk of New Mexico real estate, which includes the crumbling remains of settler homesteads, ancient Anasazi petroglyphs, and more sun-bleached cattle skulls than Georgia O'Keefe could shake a watercolor brush at. A former cattle operation that was later bought by a mining concern (which ran into a buzz saw of opposition to its plans to strip mine the place), the property is now run primarily as a hunting ranch, with a resident herd of elk as the main attraction. The accommodations are definitely on the utilitarian side for such a pricey spread, though that's probably going to be lost in a peyote-fueled haze by the time the listing is done waxing mystic: "This is the land of the Anasazi and the Spanish conquistadors… a place of secrets and mysteries where petroglyphs, pottery shards and stone ruins whisper the stories of people long gone."

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