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Tamara Ecclestone is Spending $900K on a Six-Month Lease

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Photos: Hello!, The Real Estalker

British F1 heiress Tamara Ecclestone, the elder sister of $85M Spelling Manor buyer Petra, was rumored to have leased the grandiose Saperstein mansion previously passed over by her sister. The ever-reliable Real Estalker is now reporting that Ecclestone is paying a jaw-dropping $150,000 a month to lease a far-less impressive, but still highly luxurious, spread adjacent to the Bel-Air Country Club for six months. Like her sister, she quickly enlisted an army of movers and decorators to outfit the place to her taste, and then invited the Brit gossip rag Hello! over to view the extravagant results. She's probably not worried about the cost though, considering she's got a London property on the market for $32M.
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