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Watch Architecture Get Coated in Candy-Colored Plastic

With little more than packing tape, fans, and a giant plastic sheet, Spanish art collective Penique Productions makes architecture and interiors around the globe look like they're vacuum-sealed in colorful Saran wrap. The purpose here is to simplify the space by unifying textures, shadow, and color, homogenizing atmospheres that are otherwise complex or ornate—sort of like the guy who clad his parents' kitchen in aluminum foil, but without the jokey stunt attached. Anyway, the installation has traveled to Querétaro, Mexico (above); Genoa, Italy; London; and, ever so coolly, last year's Paris Fashion Week. See the 'making of' video, plus more project stills, below.

El Claustro from Penique productions on Vimeo.

· Penique Productions: Color Inflatables [CollabCubed]
· El Claustro by Penique Productions [Vimeo]