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Is Cher Trying to Unload Her 'Indian Fantasy' L.A. Condo?

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According to the fanatical journalists over at TMZ, singer/pop culture goddess Cher is looking to quietly unload her condo in L.A. Word is she's looking to sell for $5.5M, a million dollars more than she paid in back in 2006. When she first bought the place, Cher called on high-end interior designer (and star of Bravo's Million-Dollar Decorators) Martyn Lawrence Bullard to build her "something ethnic, spicy, and romantic," as she told Arch Digest in a 2010 feature about the 4,000-square-foot duplex. Her so-called "Indian Fantasy"—"I am a Buddhist who should always be in after-school detention," she says—sits in Los Angeles' celebrity-packed Sierra Towers, which has been home to Courteney Cox, Lindsay Lohan, and, until recently, Elton John, who sold his home there in fall. Besides the famous-person pedigree, the duplex boasts panoramic city views, a large terrace, and distinctly Lawrence Bullard decor: "So I got to make all these wild and eclectic pieces of Indian furniture and scour all over the world to build for her a mini Indian palace," he says of the space. More below.

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