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Alert! Curbed National Seeks New Part-Time Editor. Is It You?

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Effective immediately, Curbed National is seeking a part-time editor to join this merry band growing masthead.

Let's talk about the job. Although this is a freelance position, you must love real estate, design, and architecture, because the majority of this gig involves daily blogging about such topics. Just as importantly, you're hungry—starving, in fact—to discover and write about great properties, scour 58 blogs in order to find one singular gem of a story, master the art of searching Redfin, and contribute to the overall creative development of Curbed National. Strong reporting, editing, and writing chops also count here.

The job is part-time with salary commensurate with experience and per diem output, but there is a possibility of growing with the company. Although it's not necessary that you live in NYC, strong preference will be given to candidates located on the East Coast, as the blog runs on EST and it's vital that your schedule syncs seamlessly with Curbed's. To apply, email with a paragraph about yourself and a paragraph about why you're interested in the gig. If you've got a blog and/or a Twitter and/or a Tumblr and/or a Pinterest board, send along the links to those, too. If we like what we see, we'll follow up quickly. Thanks.