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Hipster Preservationists Send Valentines to Unloved Buildings

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Today Design Sponge is, rather predictably, super excited about a story that combines glitter glue, doilies, and old buildings: some well-meaning, bespectacled preservationists in Buffalo, N.Y., have made paper valentines for "endangered buildings in desperate need of love." They call it "heart bombing," and apparently the practice—in which the architecture-loving whippersnappers adhere lots of construction-paper valentines to buildings on the city's demolition list—has spread to cities in Ohio, Louisiana, and Texas. "This is a way to shine a positive light and help the public understand that there are great buildings out there in need of attention, new ownership and ultimately — a new life," says Bernice Radle, leader of the valentines charge and founding member of Buffalo's Young Preservationists.

Showing public adoration for a building is actually a pretty cool way to get people to notice run-down architecture, and paper valentines is much more benign—not to mention much less insane—than, say, embarking on a life of wedded-bliss with a Seattle warehouse. Plus, any excuse to cut out construction-paper buffalo is an endeavor worth pursuing, right? Below: more Instagram-style photos, plus snippets of the Design Sponge interview.

? "We push to do things a little differently than most organizations do—we like getting really creative with preservation initiatives to bring a different perspective to the table, one that is exciting, inspiring and lighthearted," Radle says.

? "Maybe it could become a national preservation holiday?!!?? Heart Bombs!!!"

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