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A Pondfront 3-BR on Love Lane Hits the Market for $559K

Appropriately, this South Dennis three bedroom on Love Lane hit the market just in time to be our official Valentine's Day listing. That's about all we have to say about Black Thursday, but we do think this property overlooking Eagle Pond has something we love with all our heart- the back yard looks to have a slope of sledding proportions. What we can't tell from the listing photos is whether there's a turn or if the slope ends directly in the pond, which could be slightly problematic. The bad news in terms of sledding into an icy pond: possible hypothermia (we looked that up to make sure it was the too-cold one) or worse. The good news in terms of sledding into an icy pond: if you video the jackass-sledding-into-the-pond move, it could go viral, leading to a one-in-a-trillion chance to make money on the InterWebs sans porn or gambling. Opportunity knocks for $559K.
· 16 Love Lane, South Dennis [Zillow]