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21 Reasons Christina Aguilera's Manse Took So Long to Sell

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Singer Christina Aguilera has finally sold her Beverly Hills home, nearly two years after she hoisted it onto the market. Selling a home is tricky business: there are a million and a one reasons why one home sells—it's still unclear just how "Housewife" Adrienne Maloof's hideous manse sold so fast—and another flounders on the market. That being said, it's pretty much common knowledge that staging a home—that is, erasing the current owner's personality so others can better see themselves in the space—is a "come hither" gesture for potential buyers.

Well, Xtina's home is positively cluttered with personality: naked mannequins with eyepatches, gleaming gun lamps, and misshapen chairs included. Every wall is mirrored, textured or draped in something like 133 yards of taffeta. Red chandeliers and silver orbs drip from the ceiling, old-school arcade games are stuffed in forgotten crannies, and messy racks of clothes sit in the salon. Basically the whole place is a jewel box of rich hues, reflective surfaces, animal prints, mismatching rugs, and, for heaven's sake the tassels. Oh, and the words "You farted" are visible on the chalkboard in the listing photos. Anyway, obviously something about the place worked for the mysterious new buyer—that fabulous meditation gazebo? the craft table? the Nintendo-themed playroom?—so all that personality may have counted for something. Above: the 21 strangest details found in the listing photos. Click the image above to enlarge, and for those who want to play a bit of I Spy, the uncropped photos are right this way.

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