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Vermont Bill Would Make It Illegal To Ski Out Of Bounds

A Republican Senator from Vermont has proposed a bill that would make it illegal to ski out of bounds at the state's ski areas, but you only get slapped with the $500 fine if you need rescuing. The bill was proposed by Senator Kevin Mullin from Rutland, where over 45 skiers got lost after skiing at the town's Killington ski resort in one Christmas holiday weekend, all requiring costly and time-intensive rescues.

The exact language of the bill says that it is illegal to use "facilities of a ski area to access terrain outside the ski area's open and designated ski trails (if) as a result, (the skier) must be rescued by a rescue organization." The $500 max fine was set relatively low to encourage people to still call for help when needed, although no doubt some college kids may think they're better off holding onto their booze money and trying to build a snowcave for the night instead. Next week the state Senate will be holding hearings on the bill, and skiers and riders are encouraged to offer input.

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