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Reefer Madness

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In a rather 420 unfriendly move, Edgartown selectmen have approved draft language for two medical marijuana articles to be placed on the 2013 special town meeting warrant. One is a zoning amendment imposing a moratorium on medical marijuana facilities until 2014 while the other, "stipulates that nobody may smoke, or in any other way ingest, marijuana or its active ingredient tetrahydrocanabinol while "in or upon" any: street, sidewalk, public way, footway, passageway, stairs, bridge, park, playground, beach, recreation area, boat, landing, public building, schoolhouse, school grounds, cemetery, parking lot, any area owned by or under the control of the Town, in or upon any bus or other passenger conveyance operated by a common carrier, in any place accessible to the public." The proposed by-law would carry a $300 civil fine. [Martha's Vineyard Patch; Shutterstock]