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Harvey Armstrong's Ranch May Be Annexed to Snowmass

Clear W Ranch, 540-acre property that wealth management whale Harvey Armstrong bought from movie producer Sandra Lloyd in 2007 for $26 million, may soon be annexed to the town of Snowmass Village. Armstrong's ranch was the only part of the larger Wildcat Ranch that was not previously annexed into Snowmass Village, and unfortunately for him the town council decided not to waive the restricted housing requirement.

We've covered properties in Wildcat Ranch, the private expanse of ranchland, wilderness, and lakes over the ridge from Snowmass Village, before. This 500 acre property with a 23,000 square foot supermansion on it is only one of many outrageous homesteads that make up the 6,500 acre totality of Wildcat Ranch, which dwarfs Snowmass Village in comparison. Beyond the bank-breaking compounds many Wildcat residents live in, the reclusive and outrageously wealthy inhabitants of this enormous expanse of private land only 7 minutes from the slopes are also treated to the private enjoyment of a 200-strong Elk herd that roams the properties and 40 miles of private cross-country ski trails.

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