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Lego Expert Hacks the Ultimate Replica of Ghostbusters HQ

Let it be said that Lego savant Alex Jones does his research: it took two months and "endless hours" of, well, watching 1980s comedy before the German Lego artist was adequately equipped with the knowledge-base for his recent project: a 33-pound replica of the Ghostbusters headquarters, complete with aged computers, pizza, and, of course, the fireman's pole. Clipping together scenes from 1984's Ghostbusters, 1989's Ghostbusters II, and, of course, the 1986 Ghostbusters animated TV show, Jones was able to reconstruct the building on NYC's North Moore Street. Like, say, the artistes responsible for the 100-pound Lego Batcave, Jones, who goes by the pseudonym Orion Pax, scrutinized the details of each scene, piecing together every bit of movie set minutia: posters, wall clocks, Coca-Cola crates, and more. It's "by far my most detailed building with full interior," he says on his website. "So I guess you know who you gonna call now." The prop-laden interiors, below.

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