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Uncle Ben's Rice Mocks Up Architectural Icons From Veggies

Here's a look at the new campaign for Uncle Ben's Rice Time Pots, conceived by the London-based ad agency AMV BBDO and photographed by Carl Warner. For the Chinese Sweet & Sour variety, Warner used chunks of pineapple to create a model of the Great Wall of China; for the Mexican Chili, an edible version of the famed Mayan temple Chichen Itza was constructed from red kidney beans and peppers. "I've always wanted to do the Taj Mahal actually, because the onion as the dome at the top is such an obvious choice of ingredient," Warner says in a video promo. "I just knew that I could make that work really well." Sure, why not. Watch below:

The Making-Of Video:

· Poster/Dal and Mike [Cargo Collective via Notcot]