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Closed Teton Theatre Gets One More Year on Liquor Liscense

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The shuttered 300-seat Teton Theatre has one more year to prove it's going to be operational again before the town of Jackson revokes its liquor license, which was transferred to the property last February by the owners of the former Cadillac Grille when that closed. The theater, which opened in 1941, closed this fall after a final screening of "End of Watch."

Despite the owners being tight-lipped about possibilities for the theatre and property, plenty of speculation has been making the rounds, namely that Cadillac owners Ken Rominger and Suzanne Marino were going to replace the theater with a new restaurant. No better answers have arisen, although two architectural firms and a design team have drafted plans for the building and inspectors have examined it as well. Marino still maintains plans for the property are still just "a dream on a piece of paper."

· Movie house liquor permit could run dry in one year [Jackson Hole Property Guide]