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Will the World's Future City be an Organism Built by Robots?

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According to the folks on something called the Foresight + Innovation team at architecture/design firm Arup, the future of the world's cities will not depend on sky-suspended amoebas or bobbing lily pads or utopian, crime-free lands—no, the skyscrapers of 2050 will resemble a functional "living organism" with a "synthetic and highly sensitive nervous system," all created and maintained by robots. Don't let the cartoon-y renderings fool you: like most wacky predictions for future cities, the mock-up is flush with futuristic and eco-friendly gizmos and architectural layers—"the more dire our climate circumstances become, it seems, the crazier we get with CAD," Architizer notes. Included: urban food production modules, an algae façade for biofuel, solar PV paint, an underground transport hub, a recycling center, and a "building membrane," which converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. What's more, many of the skyscraper's layers, including the residences, are interchangeable. The complete rendering is below.

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