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See the Old House From Bourne and Anthropologie Catalogs

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Recently spotlighted on Remodelista: the gorgeous abandoned New York estate that inspired the sets of last year's Bourne Legacy. So what is a pre-Civil War home doing in a Bourne movie? Well, the film's female lead is a scientist with a quirk for fixing up old homes, which pretty much means the production team got to scour the area for the most striking of the lot. They found what they were looking for in Dr. Oliver Bronson's House, a Federal-style mansion in Hudson N.Y., with sprawling verandas, big windows, and a three-story spiral staircase. There was just one problem: the place they fell for was deemed too feeble for filming. But instead of finding a new place, production designer Kevin Thompson rebuilt the 1812 mansion from scratch, recreating the scuffed parlor floors, sun-soaked galleries, and flaking wallpaper. Above, shots of the original residence, including the parlor (right), which was once used in an Anthropologie shoot. More info and photos, right this way.

· A Romantic Legacy Re-Bourne [Remodelista]