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Charleston's Impressive 'Pompeii' Mansion Listed for $8M

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Location: Charleston, S.C.
Price: $8,000,000
The Skinny: Currently home to the Battery Carriage House Inn, this Charleston mansion is a massive landmark on the waterfront White Point Gardens. Its interiors were described by author Susan Sully in Charleston Style as seeming "to dwell in an international time warp that could exist in Venice, Paris or even Pompeii?" It houses 17 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms. It dates to 1843. Now it costs a whopping $8M. That price buys not only architectural elegance, but some serious history as well, including the 139-year ownership by descendants of South Carolina's influential Calhoun family, which will come to an end with this sale.
· 20 S Battery St [Zillow]