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Decoded: the Most 'Sparkling' Listings in the Country

Welcome back to The Brokerbabble Glossary, where Curbed takes a word or phrase that shows up repeatedly in listings and deciphers its true meaning. Ideas? Hit up the tipline.

"Sparkling" is a word that almost always seems out of place in real estate listings, not that that's stopping anyone. The commonest and most sensical way to use it is to pair it with "pool," because all a pool technically needs to be sparkling is water. (In that sense, it's actually odd that mirrors and windows are so seldom described this way. Really, most listings are only scratching the surface of things that sparkle.) To be fair, the pool pictured above is extremely sparkling when compared to its surroundings, so that's got to count for something.

It's slightly odd when "sparkling" is used to brag about how clean the floors are, because a) it's more or less assumed that they're going to be clean while the house is on the market, and b) they're probably not going to stay that way. This is kind of like saying that the place is exceptionally well staged.

Next time, they should try adding some glitter to paint for extra sparkles.

Yup, they really got those carpets gleaming.
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· The Brokerbabble Glossary archives [Curbed NY]