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Will PriceChop #3 Be Enough to Sell Centerville's Aalsmeer?

The historic Cape known as Aalsmeer overlooks the Centerville River, marsh and extensive (yet presently snow-covered) perennial gardens. Built in 1711 in West Barnstable and relocated to it's current 3.25 acre Centerville location, the residence has since been expanded and updated while preserving many period features. In addition to the four bedroom main house, there's also a one bedroom guest house, a separate indoor lap pool with attached greenhouse, and a private dock.

Aalsmeer hit the sales market in February 2010 for $2,300,000. Almost a year later, in January 2011, the pricechopper showed up and sliced 13.3% off the ask, bringing the listing down to $1,995,000. The property spent the next two and a half years being pulled from the market and re-debuted while avoiding the pricechopper like the plague. In September 2012, a second chop brought the listing down to $1,795,000. A month later, it was pulled off the market yet again. Fast forward to February 21 and a new brokerage has re-debuted Aalsmeer with a $1,545,000 pricetag. Will this third pricechop be enough?
· Listing: 75 Hornbeam Lane, Centerville [Robert Paul Properties via Zillow]