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The Dude Abides This Glass And Steel Breck Contemporary

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You have to appreciate the slender bits of humor that very occasionally penetrate the dull veneer of luxury real estate marketing when and if they make themselves known. In the case of this, 4,367 square foot 3 bed, 4 bath contemporary mountain home in Breckenridge, a decision was made to screen the legendary Cohen brothers film, The Big Lebowski, while the photographer was taking photos of the home theater setup. The particular scene occurs towards the end of the movie when Walter (John Goodman) attempts to deliver a meaningful sermon before spreading the ashes of Donny (Steve Buscemi) into the Pacific but instead gets lost in a rant about Vietnam and then toshes the ashes into the wind, which all blow back onto The Dude (Jeff Bridges). It's a great scene in Coen brothers history.

The house itself is stacked with floor-to-ceiling glass all over the place, especially in the areas facing Mt. Baldy. While you might want to toss the bright red furniture (Goodwill always like that stuff), there's plenty of stainless steel and muted blues to soothe the soul into mountain relaxation, and the open floor plan leaves plenty of room for legs needing stretching. Previously featured on HGTV, this contemporary has dropped $400K recently to a list price of $1.4 million.

· 102 Brook Street, Breckenridge, CO [Ten Peaks Sotheby's]