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Here's How to Get a Free Princeton House: Agree to Move It

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Princeton, N.J.—verdant utopia where architect Michael Graves and novelist Toni Morrison have both set up shop—is by no stretch of the imagination a cheap place to live. Thankfully, Princeton University has implemented a program sure to tickle would-be Ferry House regulars: score a house on Alexander Street, located just south of campus, and it's yours for free, so long as you accept it in "as-is condition" and, well, move it elsewhere. According to ABC News, this row of homes, owned by the university, is slated for demolition to make way for the Art and Transit project, a mixed-use development consisting of shops, parks, a pedestrian walkway, an arts center, and a new train station. Those with "access to a house-sized dolly system or structure-lifting contractor," as ABC News puts it, can claim a house today so long as it's moved by the end of April. C'mon, it's easy!

· Princeton Offers Free Houses; Just Take It With You [ABC News via AOL Real Estate]