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2700 Square Foot Home Is Awesome Jackson Hole Haunt

For under a million bucks and with an interesting but modest exterior, this 3 bed, 3 bath home in Wilson, about 15 minutes from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, packs a lot of punch. Custom built in 1999, the 2700 square foot interior has a super spacious living room/kitchen, an awesome sunlit porch, and a sizable two-story garage to store the 30 pairs of skis one will undoubtedly accumulate being in such a ski-obsessed clime. For dedicated isolationists, the 3.34 acres directly abuts National Forest land, which means you can bike, hike, and ski right out the backyard without having to battle a single soul for a parking space on Teton Pass or at the resort. Not a bad deal for $895K, although some of the furnishings don't quite match and the bathroom wall needs to be finished.

For those unfamiliar with the area, the town of Wilson sits at the corner where the main road from the town of Jackson bangs a right towards the resort, and sits at the base of Teton Pass. "The Pass" leads into Idaho and the parking lot at the top is an enormously popular backcountry skiing area, with an hour hike leading to the summit of Mount Glory and 2,500 vertical feet of typically blower powder leading back to the bottom of the pass, at which point one thumbs a ride back to the top to do it all over again. Wilson is always home to the Stagecoach, an infamous and gritty ski town bar where locals and tourists alike get sweaty and sketchy on the dancefloor on Thursday's Disco Night.

· North Moosebrush Drive, Wilson Wyoming [Jackson Hole Sotheby's]