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Exhibit Flaunts the 'Proustian Moments' of Daniel Libeskind

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Beginning March 11 in Rome, a traveling 52-piece collection of sketches and blueprints by architect (or semi-architect, some might say) Daniel Libeskind will open to the public, ultimately making stops in Milan, Tel Aviv, and New York. The controversial Polish starchitect behind strange tower forests in Singapore, highfalutin light fixtures named "el Masterpiece," and a bunch of other buildings the general populace might vote to demolish, if they had the chance, has unveiled a series of sketches, explaining in his 2004 memoir that "it's only when they are drawing that architects have those Proustian moments—those instants in which they accidentally trip against the uneven stones of mind, triggering memories that magically unlock sorts of visions that underlie all great art." Never Say the Eye Is Rigid: Architectural Drawings of Daniel Libeskind includes line drawings, abstract watercolors, and scrappy ink sketches. Have a look below.

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