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Skiers Roadtrip In Tiny Custom-Built Trailered Home

Professional skier Zach Giffin makes his living in the off season as a carpenter, and when him and fellow Outdoor Research teammate Molly Baker wanted to set up some portable accommodations for their powder-seeking road trips, they quickly ditched the idea for an RV and set about sketching up a quaint 112 square foot cabin that would be mounted onto a trailer, which the pair could tow behind their epically old pickup truck, "Rusty D," wherever the snow was falling.

Giffin and his hometown friends spend two months putting together what was affectionately called the "Tiny House," with custom wood finishes, a tiny porch,futon, kitchenette, wood stove, working space, and a lofted bedspace reached by a leaflet spiral staircase. On its initial journey, the Tiny House was home to five skiers and snowboarders, which equated to an average of 22.5 square feet of space per person.

The Tiny House is now in its second season of use, and has been hosting the pair of pro skiers and a host of guests at parking lots in Colorado, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and British Columbia.

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