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12 Brilliant, if Obvious, Twitter Jokes About Ikea 'Horsegate'

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Ever since the world's largest furniture retailer was caught packing horse meat into the world's most famous meatballs, the Internet has been ablaze. USA Today even went so far as to interview a social media expert—expert!—who sagely explained, "You can't ignore anything related to food these days because it spreads around the world so quickly." Meanwhile, World Crunch released a spoof Ikea catalog (with products such as BRONKKÖ, MÜLE, and BÜRRO), and the Los Angeles Times wrote its best headline, ever: "In meatball derby, it's Ikea by a nose." Just as predictably, everyone from New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells to comedian Rob Delaney has something to say about the matter. Above, 12 solid Twitter responses to Ikea Horsegate 2013.

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