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Guess the Price of These Five Egregiously Mismarked Listings

Online listings aggregators are a welcome addition to the task of house hunting, but they're not perfect. Sometimes they reflect erroneous asking prices that feed directly from brokerages or the MLS, and because of such screw-ups, listings get hilariously mislabeled beyond reason. Now granted, few expected nine acres of Woodside, Calif. to go for $117M, but even fewer would buy that this 33-acre vineyard in the remote former Gold Rush town of Plymouth, Calif. is actually on the market for $789M. Crowned with a thoroughly dated three-bedroom ranch house, this tract is obviously asking less than the $500M Larry Ellison paid for an entire Hawaiian island. Now, try to guess this property's true list price: A) $78.9M; B) $7.89M; C) $789K; or D) $78,900? For the answers, check the key at the bottom of the post.

? According to Zillow, this $650M bungalow in the East Bay suburb of San Leandro, Calif. is still awaiting a buyer. The actual listing tells a different story. Apparently, the house is in contract ... for a much lower price. Built in 1925, the three-bed, two-bath home measures a little more than 1,800 square feet and sits on a 0.33-acre lot. With the original woodwork intact and an updated kitchen with stainless-steel appliances, is this place asking: A) $6.5M; B) $650K ; C) $65,000; or D) $6,500?

? A beautiful vista like this might be a "million-dollar view," but it is certainly not a $485M view, the way the Zillow listing claims. Set on 15 acres, nine of them fenced for horses, this Edinburg, Va. farm includes a 4,700-square-foot, five-bedroom main house, plus a six-stall barn, and a heated swimming pool. Is it asking: A) $48.5M; B) $4.85M; C) $485K; or D) $48.5K?

? Given its close proximity to Vancouver, Canada's red hot real estate market—the one that spawned the now-famous Crack Shack or Mansion?—it wouldn't come as much of a surprise if Bellingham, Wash. also suffered from inflated real estate prices. That said, there's not much chance that this overgrown product of post-war tract development is asking $214M. Perched on a ridge, the three-bed home has a ground floor garage, but just one bathroom. Is it listed for: A) $2.19M; B) $219K; C) $21,900; or D) $2,190?

? The "for sale" sign in front of this charming Laurelton, N.Y. bungalow doesn't have enough space for all the zeros that would come with Zillow's alleged $419M price tag. With three bedrooms and a location within close proximity of a Long Island Railroad station, this Queens home has plenty going for it, just not nine figures worth. Is it listed for: A) $4.1M; B) $410K; C) $41,000; or D) $4,100?
? ? The answers, this way... ? ?
ANSWERS: 1) C 2) B 3) C 4) B 5) B

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