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112-Square-Foot Lodge Acts as Mobile Home for Ski Nuts

There are all manner of mobile homes out there: those hulked onto tricycles, those carved from school buses, those that billed as "gypsy wagons," and, of course, those that think they're worth $2M cash. Add to that list a mobile ski cabin dreamed up by nomadic skiers Zach Giffin and Molly Baker. It took just two months for Giffin and his friends to construct Tiny House, a 112-square-foot mountain lodge with a kitchenette, wood stove, sleeping loft, and teeny porch. It was all mounted atop a trailer, so the skiers—whose travels are sponsored by outdoor apparel and gear company Outdoor Research and chronicled on film—could take their home wherever the fresh powder falls. Curbed Ski has a 20-minute video with the details. More photos, below.

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