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Michael Jordan Scoops Up North Carolina Manse For $2.8M

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Apparently a condo in Charlotte is not quite enough North Carolina real estate for basketball legend—and, of course, Space Jam star and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats—Michael Jordan, who's just snagged a 12,310-square-foot lakeside mansion for $2.8M. While the interiors are woefully outdated—let's just pretend those circa-1993 drapes don't exist, OK?—the truth of the matter is that in 2011, the property in Cornelius, N.C., listed at $3.99M, and thanks to a foreclosure tangle in 2012, Jordan scored it for much less. The home brags panoramic water views, a five-car garage, and six bedrooms, all about 22 miles from where the Bobcats play. There's even a pier leading to a gazebo and a multi-level terrace with a pool. Sure, the inside is far from the sleek interiors of his Chicago estate, which he listed last year for $29M, but, hey, decor is easily changed. Surely soon enough the place will be filled with all the bells and whistles befitting an NBA star, like a souped-up gym. The real question: which North Carolina pad will get to house his Michael Enn Sirvet-sculpted aluminum dining table—you know, the one he commissioned to have 32,292 holes in it, one for every career point?

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