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Tour the Bourdeaux Wine Estates on a Philippe Starck Bike

Philippe Starck is man of many profound words, having once described his $100M-plus renovation of Paris' Le Royal Monceau Raffles hotel as such: "Like perfume creates another sentimental or phantasmagoric universe, we have created a space where somebody is living with you, but you cannot know who, and when." So it's no surprise whatsoever that the prolific French designer, who's worked on everything from legendary plastic chairs to insane new restaurants, Steve Jobs' yacht to kitchen "towers," would describe his stylish new bike design for Bordeaux' Vcub bike-sharing program like this: "It only has the beauty of its intelligence, of its honesty, of its durability. Rustic and reliable, it's a new friend dedicated to the future Bordeaux expectations."

Starck has named the yellow-and-gray bike-scooter hybrid, which is manufactured by Peugeot, Pibal to play on pibale, the French word for "baby eel." All poetics aside, how does the thing actually ride? The Atlantic Cities has more on the mechanics.

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